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Math We revised math concepts such as ‘BEDMAS’ and order of operations as preparation for our benchmarking assessment. We also started our new unit of number systems in which we are learning about ancient systems of numeration through fun worksheets such as decoding secret messages. 
By: Aditri Zutshi
Language and Literature We started our week with some immersive activities like ‘compass points’ and ‘elements of story’ to assess the prior knowledge of all my peers. We were introduced to a couple of command terms and discussed them in detail. We were also introduced to ‘types of text’ to promote our understanding of the forthcoming unit -Introduction to language and literature.   By :Aditri Nakul    
Individuals      & Societies In these two weeks we discussed Global context, Key concept. Related concept & Statement of inquiry. We also watched a video to familiarize us with our first unit ‘Knowing Our Ancient Past’. We watched some videos about primary and secondary sources. We also did an activity related to it wherein we had to make a graphic organizer and write the differences and similarities between primary and secondary sources                                     
Aditri Zutshi –  MYP-1A   
Science Biology /Chemistry: In the last two weeks, we were introduced to Global context, Key concepts and Related concepts. We did an activity in which we chose a news headline from the newspaper and explored  what global context and possible exploration might connect to that article. We were equipped with the skill of addressing questions involving command terms and framed our own questions using command terms. We were introduced to our unit ‘Life on Scales’ and also attempted our benchmarking assessment by the end of this week.
By: Aditri Zutshi (MYP 1A)

Physics: In our skill-building lessons we first learnt about the various criteria i.e. A, B, C and D. We understood what each criterion means and learnt about investigation. We learnt new terms like hypothesis, variables, apparatus etc. and also learnt how to frame a hypothesis through various scenarios. We also learnt about independent, dependent and controlled variables, the difference between materials and apparatus in an experiment and we gained knowledge on how to analyse a given data.
By: Kevin (MYP 1C)
Design and Technology The first class of product design started with an icebreaker; design challenge, wherein the students were divided into two different teams and were asked to make a challenging maze for the opponent team with empty juice cartons, old books and cardboard rolls. Both the teams developed their creativity, communication and social skills through this activity. For the next design challenge, students had to design, create and test a bridge using only one sheet of paper. This was followed by a discussion on their understanding of the word “design”. They were shown a few videos on product design and were asked to reflect on how design is a powerful tool to solve problems.  Students also had a discussion about how common products that they use extensively in their lives have evolved. They observed and appreciated the clever design features that have been added to solve user  problems.
By: Shreya ( MYP 1A)
ICT The unit was introduced to the students with an interesting activity wherein students watched a movie, ‘Soar’. Thus, identifying design elements and basic concepts related to it.They discussed command terms of design and also created their account on ‘scratch:’which will be used by them to design games.  
Language Acquisition Spanish: Students were engaged in ice breaking sessions and activities associated to the IB learner profile and ATL skills with a limited exposure to Spanish vocabulary. They were also collaboratively engaged in constructing a shared way of thinking, communicating and implementing through presenting themselves in class, miming and playing games.  
French : The week started off with various ice breaking activities in which we revised the daily greetings, playing with numbers and  pronouncing  french alphabet. We played  various games to recapitulate our vocabulary as well as had a quiz on the French culture and civilisation. Lastly, we learnt how to introduce ourselves by playing a game in which the teacher gave us various words on cards and we made as many phrases as we could by using them.    
Hindi- Phase 1&2: We shared our experiences about vacation and also discussed about Hindi language and its importance at national and global level. We also participated two language games- ‘identify the adjective’ and ‘turn and pass’ which was based on observation and listening skills. We also participated in essential agreement activity and shared our views in written and oral form in class. Storytelling was also introduced in class as well. Towards the end of the week we also appeared for our benchmarking assessment based on criteria B, C and D. 
By: Laisha Anand (MYP 1C)  
Physical and Health Education (PHE)
In our new unit ‘Fitness through sports’ we discussed about the physical fitness and how fitness help in sports and day to day life. We played a basketball match for physical fitness. By: Aditri Nakul (MYP 1A)

We brainstormed on folktales and stories. We explored our favourite short stories to create narratives. We worked on devising performances based on stories.   
Visual Art We discussed differences and similarities between the  art curriculum of PYP and MYP. We also learnt about different criteria of art and how we can achieve them. Later, to mark the year of sustainability, we took newspapers and created free expressions on them with the medium of our choice and shared our reflections with each other. 
By: Swarnika Sharma

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