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MathWe started a new unit on ‘points, lines and angles’. We have been practising this skill by exploring different types of angles in the objects in our environment.  Towards the end of this week, we attempted our first formative on angles. By – Amogh (MYP1A) 
Language and LiteratureOver the past two weeks we appeared for our formative assessment on pamphlet designing as a group task. We recapitulated diary entries delving into personal writing. Furthermore, we also revised grammar concepts to prepare   for our summative assessment By: Aditri Zutshi MYP1C
Individuals     &Societies
We classified and differentiated the stone age from different  civilizations which enabled us to strengthen our thinking skills. Thereafter we delved into three major civilizations and shared our findings through discussions. To evaluate our learning we recently had our formative assessment which required us to identify any one aspect of our chosen civilization that we would like to emulate in today’s world. Hence we enhanced our thinking, communicating and self-management skills.
By:Saanvi Suri-MYP 1B
ScienceBiology/ChemistryWe attempted a quiz on measurements and started our new unit ‘Changes’. We made a concept wheel for all the topics to be covered in this unit. We began the unit with a “Think, Pair, Share” activity to explore the physical and chemical changes in our real life. We also discussed simultaneous physical and chemical changes. We inquired how baking of cookies is a chemical change by watching a video. By: Gobind Singh Brar( MYP 1C)
Last week we started our new unit  ‘Light brings change’. We explored the unit through a video which gave us an idea of the topics we would be covering. We did an activity wherein we had to draw a graphic organizer and mention objects which emit light. We concluded the activity by classifying those objects as natural and artificial. By: Rishabh Iyer- MYP 1 C
Product DesignThis week we started the unit ‘upcycling’. We were given a real-life design problem. We followed criterion A of the design cycle, to inquire and analyse the problem. We also interviewed our client, as a part of primary research and wrote some guiding questions to conduct secondary research.By:Tushita Nagpal Myp -1D
Digital Design This week we started design specification for our game followed by an activity. Our class also explored scratch software and created few animations to understand few blocks of the software. 
By:Aditri Zutshi MYP 1A  
Language AcquisitionFrench: In the past week we learnt about different professions and  job profiles. We explored different job profiles and work culture by watching interactive videos in the  target language. By :Manicka Kumar MYP1C
Hindi: We  practised  dialogue writing and shared it in our class. We appeared for our oral formative assessments based on criteria B, C and D oral. We had a group activity wherein we read a story which will be soon presented in our class in groups. 
Spanish: During the past two weeks we practised our speaking skills and attempted an oral formative assessment in which described our family members. We also learnt the usage of connectors in Spanish which helped us to understand how to construct expressive sentences. Towards the end of this week we learned and practised the conjugation of regular verbs in present tense.By: Aahana Goel  MYP 1B 
Visual ArtIn the past two weeks we brainstormed, finalizing our layouts for the landscape composition by keeping in mind the technique and colour scheme. We are now working on our final artwork. During the process we learnt to first paint the base using the flat tones of colours and gradually develop it further by making the strokes and lines visible to give it an impressionistic effect. BY: Anaa Misri, MYP 1C 
DramaWe have started working on our folk tale storyboards. We initiated this activity in groups followed by a brainstorming on a folk tale that we would be developing through our storyboard. We also explored the various elements of folk tales. 

We were introduced to Chhau, tribal and folk dance. We had a discussion on the elements of tribal dance.We also researched about the dance form and different types of Chhau.We explored the peculiarities and movement vocabulary used in this dance form.We watched a documentary prepared by the UNESCO which promoted the history and importance of this dance form.

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