MYP 1A      

Blog, November 2019

SubjectBlog Content
MathWe attempted our formative on the unit ‘statistics’ and furthered our understanding of the unit through the concept of probability. We watched a PowerPoint presentation on the concept and applied it to real life events and attempted a summative on the unit to summarize our learning.
By: Aarush Batra MYP1A  
Language and LiteratureOver the past two weeks, we learned to compare and contrast two texts, point by point with a Venn diagram. We revised the grammar concepts and letter writing. Towards the end of this week, we attempted our summative assessment. By: Aditri Nakul MYP1A  
Individuals & SocietiesWe designed pamphlets to display our understanding of different types of maps. We also discussed the four and six grid references along with directions. Furthermore, we investigated the topic ‘Making Connection ‘understanding the relevance of contours on the map. Towards the end of this week, we discussed our formative assessments
By : Reeya Gokulgandhi-MYP 1A  
ScienceBiology/Chemstry: We attempted our formative assessment on the topic related to; how chefs use physical and chemical changes in their kitchens. We also designed a meal plan on the poster. We watched a video on photosynthesis and discussed the factors necessary for photosynthesis. Furthermore, we learned about the energy transfer in food chain and food web. We also took our formative assessment. We have begun revision for the upcoming Term end assessment. By: Geet MYP 1D
Physics: Last week we explored ‘shadows’ by performing an investigation and drawing out conclusions for the same. We watched the dispersion of light using prism We finished our unit by learning about sound as a form of energy. 
By :Yaksham MYP 1B    
Design and TechnologyWe started prototyping our document folders before making the final one. The  activity was done with recycled paper, we followed a step by step plan made for the activity which helped us to rectify our errors. We also researched on tetra packs which was the primary waste material to be used for our product. By:Tushita Nagpal MYP 1-D  
ICTOver the course of two weeks, we have been working on our unit ‘Gamification for learning.’ We have also been working on our product i.e. game using scratch. Furthermore, we had a feedback session on criterion B 
By:Amaani Sharma MYP 1 D    
Language AcquisitionSpanish During the past two weeks, we learned to conjugate reflexive and stem changing verbs. We also learned some stem changing verbs and different expressions related to time. Later, we attempted a listening formative assessment on Google forms using iPads. Furthermore, we practised describing our daily routine verbally to prepare for our summative assessment. By: Tushita Nagpal, MYP 1 D   French This week we received a feedback on our formative assessment based on Criterion A. We learnt to identify and label daily routine activities in the target language. We also learnt to conjugate reflexive verbs in present tense to describe the daily routine. 
By: Manicka Kumar MYP 1C  
Physical and Health Education (PHE)   DramaIn our unit ‘Athletics’ we discussed the history of Olympics. We practiced the techniques and skills of track events and the relay race. By: Yash Xavier MYP1A
This week we prepared for the summative assessment. The task was to narrate a folktale that has been passed on in our families from any culture. This task had a twist, we had to perform our improvised stories in a unique way. Some students explored musical while the others did a role play and a puppet show. 
By: Amani Sharma, MYP1D  
Visual ArtIn the past week, we completed our second formative assessment wherein we did peer assessment of each other’s artwork using the checklist given to us. We also worked on our summative task in which we used recycled materials to recreate the same landscape that we created earlier. We chose to show either the positive or negative effects of human interference.  
DanceIn the last week we completed our formative assessment and commenced with the learning of vocabulary of Mayurbhanj Chhau mainly the stances (dharan,chowk,Aada) ,Chalis( ways of walking) and uflis ( activities).This time we focussed on learning the movements derived from household activities. We also started   preparing drafts in order to compose our individual choreography.

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