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MathThis week we started Algebra. We also learned patterns that have repetition. Later in the week, we learned how to fill in missing numbers and how to write the rule. The difference between equations and expressions was taught. After a few days, we understood the basics and started the addition and subtraction of algebraic expressions. One golden rule we learned was that only like terms can be added or subtracted. 
By: Reeya Gokulgandhi MYP IA
Language and LiteratureThis week, we learned about characterization by analysing characters from videos and text. We used Peeling the fruit strategy and STEAL to deepen our understanding of the character traits. Towards the end of this week, we attempted our first formative assessment.
By: Prisha Gupta MYP IA
Individuals&SocietiesWe began our unit on Diversity and Equality by discussing the various implications of inequality. We shared all our ideas and made an interactive presentation in groups on Prejudice. The role-play enhanced our communication skills and built our confidence in understanding the difference between prejudice and discrimination. 
By: Reeya Gokulgandhi MYP IA
ScienceBiology/Chemistry:We unfolded the unit with the discussion of the global context and framing our inquiry questions for the unit Chemicals in Everyday Life. We watched a video to learn what do the terms acids and bases mean. We made a reading organiser after studying the properties of acids and bases from our textbook and discussed their properties in the class. We were shown a demonstration of how acids, bases, and neutral solutions can be detected by visible colour changes on adding indicators.
 By: Yash Xavier MYP 1A

Physics:In the last two weeks, we were introduced to our new unit World Around Us. We would be learning about force and energy in this unit. As a starter activity, we used our plastic scales and rubbed it on woolens and brought them near to pieces of papers and we saw the tiny paper pieces getting attracted towards the scale. This led our class to a discussion about forces and the types of force. We learned about non-contact force through this activity. 
By: Rian Varghese MYP 1B
Product DesignWe started the new term by discussing and listing some essential agreements for the product design class. We also revisited the six Global Contexts. We played dumb charades, wherein we enacted our interpretation of the given strand of the global context. It was fun and challenging at the same time. By: Samvit Govindani MYP 1D
ICTThis term, we are focusing on cultural heritage around the world. We explored the theme of our unit through key concepts and the statement of inquiry. We will be working on presenting cultural heritages through a 3D model. We were also introduced to different learner profiles through a fun activity. By: Adhyan MYP 1D
Language AquisitionSpanish
During the past two weeks, we were introduced to the unit Weekend and Leisure Activities. We unpacked the unit by working in groups and created our statement of inquiry. A brain storming activity was done based on our previous knowledge. Later, we learned new vocabulary to talk about the activities that we do in our free time with the help of a power point presentation.  
By: Subah Goyal MYP 1B
This week, we commenced our new unit Weekend and Leisure Activities. The unit was introduced through an activity Big Paper: Silent Conversation. Through this activity, we framed our inquiry questions and answered some by writing them on a sheet. This activity helped us in understanding the usage of non-verbal communication. Moreover, we learned new verbs and their conjugations through group activities. We also enhanced our vocabulary through audio-visual texts.
By: Arnav Nahar MYP 1D
This month we started our new unit Leisure Activities. We created our SOI and planned the unit through various discussions. We also set our goal for this term in Hindi. One of my favourite activities was creating a video of the discussion of our prior knowledge for the CD oral, where we spoke about our leisure activities. 
By: Shreya Gupta MYP 1A
Physical and Health Education (PHE)We continued with the unit Athletics. We practiced Start and Finish in different race formats. Trials were taken and we are now preparing for the different events for the upcoming Inter-house Athletic Meet.
By: Girik Gupta MYP 1A
DanceWe started the unit through a scavenger hunt activity to find the unit title Dancing the Dream. The title came from a book written about the contribution of the legendary dancer Michael Jackson. We also started to learn a new dance routine that used a combination of Garba and modern movements. 
By: Angelina Soji MYP 1B
DramaThis week, we started working on improvisation for our street plays. We explored and discussed our prior knowledge of street plays. We are working on the theme of poverty for our street play. We were able to compose the basic structure of a call song. 
By: Reeya MYP 1A

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