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MathThe past two weeks were spent in learning the concept of graphs in algebra. We learned how to make line graphs. We also did some task sheets and discussed them with our peers. We attempted two worksheets as homework and also discussed them. We practiced 2-step equations and other concepts of algebra for our formative assessment. We also had an interesting session on Fibonacci sequence where we researched about its presence in nature using iPads.
By: Jap Kasliwal MYP 1B
Language and LiteratureIn the last two weeks, we discussed various chapters of the novel Wonder. We then analysed different characters using the STEAL organizer. We learned to find evidence from the text to support our arguments and form paragraphs for characterization. Different elements of a story were discussed. We also revisited the concept of internal monologue.
By: Reeya Gokulgandhi MYP1A
Individuals&SocietiesWe discussed various stereotypes and how they affect the society. We also did an activity based on prejudice and stereotype. We enjoyed the evaluation of a source on gender discrimination on the basis of its origin and purpose. We are looking forward to exploring the lives of women during the Vedic period.
By: Subah Goyal MYP 1B
ScienceBiology/Chemstry:We watched a video on acid rain and summarized our understanding by having a
discussion with peers. We also listed its causes and environmental consequences in our journals. We discussed our queries related to homework in the class. We did a lab activity Plant Detectives, to inquire how plants can be used to prepare natural indicators. We prepared our own indicators using red cabbage and tested samples for their pH levels. We completed our investigation by recording our answers in the task sheet.
By: Tushita Nagpal MYP 1D
Physics:Last week, we learned about the force of friction and how it varies on different surfaces. We did a debate whether friction is useful or harmful. We used our Physical Science textbook for research. We shared the knowledge we gained and the ATL we used through Padlet walls. Then we started learning a new concept Energy in which we did an activity to identify the kinds of energy present in various objects in our daily life. We organized them in the form of a diagram or table.
By: Tanush Anand MYP1A
Design and TechnologyWe moved ahead in our unit Wooden Manipulatives to do secondary research which included finding more about the materials, tools, and methods that we could use to make the Manipulative. We also analysed an existing Manipulative available in the market for its strengths and weaknesses. This helped us get a better idea of how we should design our product to successfully resolve our client’s problem.
By: Aditri Zutshi MYP IA 
Language AcquisitionSpanishDuring the past two weeks, we learned about Spanish culture and the leisure activities of Spanish people through a YouTube video which also helped us in building vocabulary. We also learned how to make sentences using connectors to express ourselves in a better way. Later we practiced our speaking skills with the help of interactive class activities.
By: Subah Goyal MYP 1 B
 FrenchDuring the last two weeks, we learned some new expressions about our likes and dislikes in French through fun activities like creating and taking a survey which helped in building our collaborative skills. It was also fun speaking to our friends in French describing our hobbies. Also, we took our formative assessment and received feedback for the same.
By: Geet Dhooria MYP 1D         
In the past week, we read the story Farida ki Dawat and understood different strands of the criterion B. We discussed all the strands through a discussion and solved questions based on the same. We took our formative assessment which was assessed on the same criteria.
By: Bhuvansh MYP IA
Physical and Health Education (PHE)We started with our new unit Cricket. We practiced the techniques and skills of fielding in cricket. We did batting at the nets to acquire batting skills. We also played short sided matches.
By: Rishabh Iyer Kochhar MYP 1C
Visual ArtIn the last fortnight, we have been taking our formative assessment based on still life study. We made groups and arranged three objects into a composition to sketch and study based on an interesting rubric with the following criteria: composition, values, presentation and drawing accuracy. After sketching the composition proportionately, we coloured it using either oil pastels or colour pencils. We are now ready to get our works peer assessed in the next class.
By: Arnav Nahar MYP 1D

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