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MathThe past two weeks were spent in learning the concept of graphs in algebra. We learned how to make line graphs. We also did some task sheets and discussed them with our peers. We attempted two worksheets as homework and also discussed them. We practiced 2-step equations and other concepts of algebra for our formative assessment. We also had an interesting session on Fibonacci sequence where we researched about its presence in nature using iPads.
By: Jap Kasliwal MYP 1B
Language and LiteratureIn the last two weeks, we discussed various chapters of the novel Wonder. We then analysed different characters using the STEAL organizer. We learned to find evidence from the text to support our arguments and form paragraphs for characterization. Different elements of a story were discussed. We also revisited the concept of internal monologue.
By: Reeya Gokulgandhi MYP1A
Individuals&SocietiesWe discussed various stereotypes and how they affect the society. We also did an activity based on prejudice and stereotype. We enjoyed the evaluation of a source on gender discrimination on the basis of its origin and purpose. We are looking forward to exploring the lives of women during the Vedic period.
By: Subah Goyal MYP 1B
ScienceBiology/Chemstry:We watched a video on acid rain and summarized our understanding by having a
discussion with peers. We also listed its causes and environmental consequences in our journals. We discussed our queries related to homework in the class. We did a lab activity Plant Detectives, to inquire how plants can be used to prepare natural indicators. We prepared our own indicators using red cabbage and tested samples for their pH levels. We completed our investigation by recording our answers in the task sheet.
By: Tushita Nagpal MYP 1D
Physics:Last week, we learned about the force of friction and how it varies on different surfaces. We did a debate whether friction is useful or harmful. We used our Physical Science textbook for research. We shared the knowledge we gained and the ATL we used through Padlet walls. Then we started learning a new concept Energy in which we did an activity to identify the kinds of energy present in various objects in our daily life. We organized them in the form of a diagram or table.
By: Tanush Anand MYP1A
Design and TechnologyWe moved ahead in our unit Wooden Manipulatives to do secondary research which included finding more about the materials, tools, and methods that we could use to make the Manipulative. We also analysed an existing Manipulative available in the market for its strengths and weaknesses. This helped us get a better idea of how we should design our product to successfully resolve our client’s problem.
By: Aditri Zutshi MYP IA 
Language AcquisitionSpanishDuring the past two weeks, we learned about Spanish culture and the leisure activities of Spanish people through a YouTube video which also helped us in building vocabulary. We also learned how to make sentences using connectors to express ourselves in a better way. Later we practiced our speaking skills with the help of interactive class activities.
By: Subah Goyal MYP 1 B
 FrenchDuring the last two weeks, we learned some new expressions about our likes and dislikes in French through fun activities like creating and taking a survey which helped in building our collaborative skills. It was also fun speaking to our friends in French describing our hobbies. Also, we took our formative assessment and received feedback for the same.
By: Geet Dhooria MYP 1D         
In the past week, we read the story Farida ki Dawat and understood different strands of the criterion B. We discussed all the strands through a discussion and solved questions based on the same. We took our formative assessment which was assessed on the same criteria.
By: Bhuvansh MYP IA
Physical and Health Education (PHE)We started with our new unit Cricket. We practiced the techniques and skills of fielding in cricket. We did batting at the nets to acquire batting skills. We also played short sided matches.
By: Rishabh Iyer Kochhar MYP 1C
Visual ArtIn the last fortnight, we have been taking our formative assessment based on still life study. We made groups and arranged three objects into a composition to sketch and study based on an interesting rubric with the following criteria: composition, values, presentation and drawing accuracy. After sketching the composition proportionately, we coloured it using either oil pastels or colour pencils. We are now ready to get our works peer assessed in the next class.
By: Arnav Nahar MYP 1D


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MathAlgebra has been an interesting concept. Simplifying expressions, understanding like and unlike terms, and finally solving equations kept us on our toes. We watched interesting and engaging videos of the conc
epts for better leaning. We had daily drills to revise prior learning of distributive property and integers to be able to take our understanding of the unit forward. We completed our first collaborative formative assessment on investigation of patterns and received feedback on the same. We are enjoying exploring the concept of algebra this term.
By: Aditri Zutshi 
Language and LiteratureWe revisited the conventions of diary writing and discussed how reflection is an important element that helps understand our feelings and emotions. In addition to this, we engaged in an experiential learning activity, wherein through role-play we were sensitized towards people with disability and wrote our reflection on the same. We read a few chapters from our text Wonder to explore the theme of the novel.
By: Tanush Anand MYP1A
Individuals&SocietiesIn the past week, we continued learning about diversities and other unit related terminologies through activities like making comic strips and role-play. We saw a video on stereotyping and wrote our reflection of the same. We watched a presentation where we saw how people are breaking stereotypes to achieve great heights in life. We are now taking the Formative Assessment for which we are creating a poster on diversity and its impact.
By: Aryaa Tiwari MYP1C  
ScienceBiology/Chemstry:We were introduced to the concept of neutralization through a video discussing how acids and bases neutralize each other when mixed. We learned many applications of neutralization in real life. We reinforced our understanding of acids, bases, and neutralization through a self- reflection activity. Then we inquired how do buildings corrode and how oceans get acidified. Further, we learned about acid rain and discussed its causes.
By: Atiksh Verma MYP 1D
Physics: Last week, we learned about various types of forces: contact and non-contact force. We did a Tug of War activity through which we learned about balanced and unbalanced forces. We saw that when the string was not moving on either side, a balanced force was acting on it. We attempted some questions on calculating the net force of an object when various forces are acting on it. We also learned that force is a vector quantity. Videos were shown to demonstrate the deformation caused in objects due to the application of force, through which we designed an investigation cycle.
By: Rishabh Iyer Kochhar MYP 1C 
Product DesignOver the last two weeks, we were introduced to our new unit Wooden Manipulatives and presented with a real-life design problem. We followed criterion A of the design cycle to inquire and analyse the problem. We were asked to make a mind-map to organize our inquiry questions. We also interviewed our clients as a part of the primary research and wrote some guiding questions to conduct secondary research.
By: Aakarshan Rai MYP ID
Language AcquisitionSpanish
During the past two weeks, we learned how to talk about sports using verbs Jugar and Practicar. We also learned some new expressions related to free time activities. On Read Aloud Day, we read an interesting story to brush up our reading skills in Spanish. In the last class, we practised the conjugation of verbs like Gustar and Encantar to talk about our likes and dislikes. 
By: Subah Goyal MYP 1 B

During this week, we covered expressions with faire and jouer verbs. We learned about contracted articles through task sheets and interactive activities like Unjumble the Tumble and Find the Verb. Also, we learned the vocabulary of French activities and sports using audio-visual resources. These links aided us in pronouncing the French words and accents. Moreover, we learned how to talk about our likes and dislikes in French.
By: Yash Veer Pratap Banga MYP 1D             
In the past two weeks, we delved deeper into our unit Weekend and leisure activities. In this unit, we have done a reading and speaking task on what a leisure activity is, followed by a writing task. We used Audio-visual stories to enhance our reading and speaking skills.  
By: Tanush Anand MYP 1A  
Physical and Health Education (PHE)We continue with our unit Athletics. We were divided in groups of Client and Coach where we observed the client’s current performance to reach a successful achievement. We also learned to distinguish the strengths, weaknesses and areas of development of a client.
By: Ayaana Aggarwal MYP 1A 
Visual ArtWe were introduced to our second unit Nature Morte through a group discussion on still life and its elements. We inquired into some famous still life artists and observed their artwork to critically analyse them. We also sketched some simple objects kept on our tables to understand the proportions and symmetry better. We are now taking the formative assessment. We chose three objects to arrange them into a composition to study them with pencils and a medium of our choice, following the given checklist.
By: Kanav Agarwal MYP 1D
DanceWe learned a dance routine which used steps from the dance form of Garba and modern techniques. We also did a group activity in the format of a game consisting of two rounds: self-composition and revising the dance routine learned before.
By: Reeya Gokulgandhi MYP 1A  
DramaWe brainstormed on our prior knowledge about street plays. In our groups, we improvised to create a short street play. We reflected on each other’s performance to identify elements of a street play.



Blog, January 2020

SubjectBlog Content
MathThis week we started Algebra. We also learned patterns that have repetition. Later in the week, we learned how to fill in missing numbers and how to write the rule. The difference between equations and expressions was taught. After a few days, we understood the basics and started the addition and subtraction of algebraic expressions. One golden rule we learned was that only like terms can be added or subtracted. 
By: Reeya Gokulgandhi MYP IA
Language and LiteratureThis week, we learned about characterization by analysing characters from videos and text. We used Peeling the fruit strategy and STEAL to deepen our understanding of the character traits. Towards the end of this week, we attempted our first formative assessment.
By: Prisha Gupta MYP IA
Individuals&SocietiesWe began our unit on Diversity and Equality by discussing the various implications of inequality. We shared all our ideas and made an interactive presentation in groups on Prejudice. The role-play enhanced our communication skills and built our confidence in understanding the difference between prejudice and discrimination. 
By: Reeya Gokulgandhi MYP IA
ScienceBiology/Chemistry:We unfolded the unit with the discussion of the global context and framing our inquiry questions for the unit Chemicals in Everyday Life. We watched a video to learn what do the terms acids and bases mean. We made a reading organiser after studying the properties of acids and bases from our textbook and discussed their properties in the class. We were shown a demonstration of how acids, bases, and neutral solutions can be detected by visible colour changes on adding indicators.
 By: Yash Xavier MYP 1A

Physics:In the last two weeks, we were introduced to our new unit World Around Us. We would be learning about force and energy in this unit. As a starter activity, we used our plastic scales and rubbed it on woolens and brought them near to pieces of papers and we saw the tiny paper pieces getting attracted towards the scale. This led our class to a discussion about forces and the types of force. We learned about non-contact force through this activity. 
By: Rian Varghese MYP 1B
Product DesignWe started the new term by discussing and listing some essential agreements for the product design class. We also revisited the six Global Contexts. We played dumb charades, wherein we enacted our interpretation of the given strand of the global context. It was fun and challenging at the same time. By: Samvit Govindani MYP 1D
ICTThis term, we are focusing on cultural heritage around the world. We explored the theme of our unit through key concepts and the statement of inquiry. We will be working on presenting cultural heritages through a 3D model. We were also introduced to different learner profiles through a fun activity. By: Adhyan MYP 1D
Language AquisitionSpanish
During the past two weeks, we were introduced to the unit Weekend and Leisure Activities. We unpacked the unit by working in groups and created our statement of inquiry. A brain storming activity was done based on our previous knowledge. Later, we learned new vocabulary to talk about the activities that we do in our free time with the help of a power point presentation.  
By: Subah Goyal MYP 1B
This week, we commenced our new unit Weekend and Leisure Activities. The unit was introduced through an activity Big Paper: Silent Conversation. Through this activity, we framed our inquiry questions and answered some by writing them on a sheet. This activity helped us in understanding the usage of non-verbal communication. Moreover, we learned new verbs and their conjugations through group activities. We also enhanced our vocabulary through audio-visual texts.
By: Arnav Nahar MYP 1D
This month we started our new unit Leisure Activities. We created our SOI and planned the unit through various discussions. We also set our goal for this term in Hindi. One of my favourite activities was creating a video of the discussion of our prior knowledge for the CD oral, where we spoke about our leisure activities. 
By: Shreya Gupta MYP 1A
Physical and Health Education (PHE)We continued with the unit Athletics. We practiced Start and Finish in different race formats. Trials were taken and we are now preparing for the different events for the upcoming Inter-house Athletic Meet.
By: Girik Gupta MYP 1A
DanceWe started the unit through a scavenger hunt activity to find the unit title Dancing the Dream. The title came from a book written about the contribution of the legendary dancer Michael Jackson. We also started to learn a new dance routine that used a combination of Garba and modern movements. 
By: Angelina Soji MYP 1B
DramaThis week, we started working on improvisation for our street plays. We explored and discussed our prior knowledge of street plays. We are working on the theme of poverty for our street play. We were able to compose the basic structure of a call song. 
By: Reeya MYP 1A


MYP 1A      

Blog, November 2019

SubjectBlog Content
MathWe attempted our formative on the unit ‘statistics’ and furthered our understanding of the unit through the concept of probability. We watched a PowerPoint presentation on the concept and applied it to real life events and attempted a summative on the unit to summarize our learning.
By: Aarush Batra MYP1A  
Language and LiteratureOver the past two weeks, we learned to compare and contrast two texts, point by point with a Venn diagram. We revised the grammar concepts and letter writing. Towards the end of this week, we attempted our summative assessment. By: Aditri Nakul MYP1A  
Individuals & SocietiesWe designed pamphlets to display our understanding of different types of maps. We also discussed the four and six grid references along with directions. Furthermore, we investigated the topic ‘Making Connection ‘understanding the relevance of contours on the map. Towards the end of this week, we discussed our formative assessments
By : Reeya Gokulgandhi-MYP 1A  
ScienceBiology/Chemstry: We attempted our formative assessment on the topic related to; how chefs use physical and chemical changes in their kitchens. We also designed a meal plan on the poster. We watched a video on photosynthesis and discussed the factors necessary for photosynthesis. Furthermore, we learned about the energy transfer in food chain and food web. We also took our formative assessment. We have begun revision for the upcoming Term end assessment. By: Geet MYP 1D
Physics: Last week we explored ‘shadows’ by performing an investigation and drawing out conclusions for the same. We watched the dispersion of light using prism We finished our unit by learning about sound as a form of energy. 
By :Yaksham MYP 1B    
Design and TechnologyWe started prototyping our document folders before making the final one. The  activity was done with recycled paper, we followed a step by step plan made for the activity which helped us to rectify our errors. We also researched on tetra packs which was the primary waste material to be used for our product. By:Tushita Nagpal MYP 1-D  
ICTOver the course of two weeks, we have been working on our unit ‘Gamification for learning.’ We have also been working on our product i.e. game using scratch. Furthermore, we had a feedback session on criterion B 
By:Amaani Sharma MYP 1 D    
Language AcquisitionSpanish During the past two weeks, we learned to conjugate reflexive and stem changing verbs. We also learned some stem changing verbs and different expressions related to time. Later, we attempted a listening formative assessment on Google forms using iPads. Furthermore, we practised describing our daily routine verbally to prepare for our summative assessment. By: Tushita Nagpal, MYP 1 D   French This week we received a feedback on our formative assessment based on Criterion A. We learnt to identify and label daily routine activities in the target language. We also learnt to conjugate reflexive verbs in present tense to describe the daily routine. 
By: Manicka Kumar MYP 1C  
Physical and Health Education (PHE)   DramaIn our unit ‘Athletics’ we discussed the history of Olympics. We practiced the techniques and skills of track events and the relay race. By: Yash Xavier MYP1A
This week we prepared for the summative assessment. The task was to narrate a folktale that has been passed on in our families from any culture. This task had a twist, we had to perform our improvised stories in a unique way. Some students explored musical while the others did a role play and a puppet show. 
By: Amani Sharma, MYP1D  
Visual ArtIn the past week, we completed our second formative assessment wherein we did peer assessment of each other’s artwork using the checklist given to us. We also worked on our summative task in which we used recycled materials to recreate the same landscape that we created earlier. We chose to show either the positive or negative effects of human interference.  
DanceIn the last week we completed our formative assessment and commenced with the learning of vocabulary of Mayurbhanj Chhau mainly the stances (dharan,chowk,Aada) ,Chalis( ways of walking) and uflis ( activities).This time we focussed on learning the movements derived from household activities. We also started   preparing drafts in order to compose our individual choreography.


SubjectBlog Content 
MathWe started a new unit on ‘points, lines and angles’. We have been practising this skill by exploring different types of angles in the objects in our environment.  Towards the end of this week, we attempted our first formative on angles. By – Amogh (MYP1A) 
Language and LiteratureOver the past two weeks we appeared for our formative assessment on pamphlet designing as a group task. We recapitulated diary entries delving into personal writing. Furthermore, we also revised grammar concepts to prepare   for our summative assessment By: Aditri Zutshi MYP1C
Individuals     &Societies
We classified and differentiated the stone age from different  civilizations which enabled us to strengthen our thinking skills. Thereafter we delved into three major civilizations and shared our findings through discussions. To evaluate our learning we recently had our formative assessment which required us to identify any one aspect of our chosen civilization that we would like to emulate in today’s world. Hence we enhanced our thinking, communicating and self-management skills.
By:Saanvi Suri-MYP 1B
ScienceBiology/ChemistryWe attempted a quiz on measurements and started our new unit ‘Changes’. We made a concept wheel for all the topics to be covered in this unit. We began the unit with a “Think, Pair, Share” activity to explore the physical and chemical changes in our real life. We also discussed simultaneous physical and chemical changes. We inquired how baking of cookies is a chemical change by watching a video. By: Gobind Singh Brar( MYP 1C)
Last week we started our new unit  ‘Light brings change’. We explored the unit through a video which gave us an idea of the topics we would be covering. We did an activity wherein we had to draw a graphic organizer and mention objects which emit light. We concluded the activity by classifying those objects as natural and artificial. By: Rishabh Iyer- MYP 1 C
Product DesignThis week we started the unit ‘upcycling’. We were given a real-life design problem. We followed criterion A of the design cycle, to inquire and analyse the problem. We also interviewed our client, as a part of primary research and wrote some guiding questions to conduct secondary research.By:Tushita Nagpal Myp -1D
Digital Design This week we started design specification for our game followed by an activity. Our class also explored scratch software and created few animations to understand few blocks of the software. 
By:Aditri Zutshi MYP 1A  
Language AcquisitionFrench: In the past week we learnt about different professions and  job profiles. We explored different job profiles and work culture by watching interactive videos in the  target language. By :Manicka Kumar MYP1C
Hindi: We  practised  dialogue writing and shared it in our class. We appeared for our oral formative assessments based on criteria B, C and D oral. We had a group activity wherein we read a story which will be soon presented in our class in groups. 
Spanish: During the past two weeks we practised our speaking skills and attempted an oral formative assessment in which described our family members. We also learnt the usage of connectors in Spanish which helped us to understand how to construct expressive sentences. Towards the end of this week we learned and practised the conjugation of regular verbs in present tense.By: Aahana Goel  MYP 1B 
Visual ArtIn the past two weeks we brainstormed, finalizing our layouts for the landscape composition by keeping in mind the technique and colour scheme. We are now working on our final artwork. During the process we learnt to first paint the base using the flat tones of colours and gradually develop it further by making the strokes and lines visible to give it an impressionistic effect. BY: Anaa Misri, MYP 1C 
DramaWe have started working on our folk tale storyboards. We initiated this activity in groups followed by a brainstorming on a folk tale that we would be developing through our storyboard. We also explored the various elements of folk tales. 

We were introduced to Chhau, tribal and folk dance. We had a discussion on the elements of tribal dance.We also researched about the dance form and different types of Chhau.We explored the peculiarities and movement vocabulary used in this dance form.We watched a documentary prepared by the UNESCO which promoted the history and importance of this dance form.

Blog #3

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Math We appeared for our formative assessment based on operations of mathematics. We attempted real life application problems of LCM and HCF using our prior knowledge of prime factorization. Towards the end of this week we have been introduced to our forthcoming unit ‘integers’.
By : Amogh Kumar MYP1A  
Language and Literature Over the past two weeks we were familiarized with the command term summarize. We practiced the skill by reading stories and summarizing them. We were taught self-editing skills and edited our work by using the self-editing techniques introduced to us .Towards the end of this week we were introduced to pamphlets as a mode of communication as an extension to the flip task .We will be designing our own pamphlets focusing on issues identified by us.
By: Anoushka Sharma MYP1C  
Individuals      & Societies   We discussed Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic time-period. We watched a video about the stone age and reflected on the same by making a mind-map and a flowchart. We attained a clear perspective on this topic   after creating a Venn diagram depicting the difference between the three time periods. 
By: Saanvi Suri MYP 1B  
Science Biology/Chemistry Last week we observed and learnt how different liquids form concave and convex meniscus in plastic and a glass container. We also explored the working of a microscope and learnt the functions of each of its part. We saw slides of a few specimens under the microscope and its magnification. We also discussed the task for our upcoming FA.
By: Suvaan Gupta (MYP 1B)  
Physics: Last week we focussed on fundamental and derived units. We learnt that fundamental units are the basic ones and derived units are the ones we obtain by bringing together one or more fundamental units. We also attempted our formative assessment. Furthermore, we did an activity on lab safety wherein we made  posters illustrating lab safety measures.
By: Atiksh Verma MYP 1D  
Product Design This week, we worked on a collage on carbon footprint. We researched  on the topic by using some guiding questions given to us .We also collected pictures related to the topic from old newspapers and magazines. we utilized only one- side used paper to be in tune with the topic ‘carbon footprint’ and theme ‘sustainability’.  
By: Kevin Joeben MYP 1 C  
Digital Design In these two weeks we made a presentation on our unit, ‘gamification of learning’. We formed a game on a program software  Scratch. We have also created our scratch accounts and learnt the basics of the software. We also referred to some of the existing games and discussed the  changes we would like to bring in them . By: Suvaan Gupta MYP1B  
Language Acquisition French:
In the past two weeks, with regard to the content and concepts in the unit, ‘My Personal World” we watched interactive videos for recapitulating the vocabulary for the family members. We also learnt how to describe our family members focussing on their physical appearance   using qualitative adjectives. We attempted  many exercises on this topic with audio-visual texts to strengthen our concepts. Towards the end of this week we appeared for our FA based on criterion B.
By: Swarnika MYP 1 B
Hindi: We had poetry reading and analysis sessions in which we discussed the poem by Faiz Ahmad Faiz. We had singing practice of this poem, as it is to be presented on Hindi Diwas.   
Spanish: Over the past two weeks we learnt how to address our family members in Spanish and usage of the verb “estar” to talk about feelings.  We also learnt how to describe the physical features and personality traits of a person using descriptive words .Furthermore, we watched a power point presentation and read a short text to improve our reading skills.
By: Eva Sadhwani MYP1A  
Visual Art In order to make a connection and understand our global context i.e globalization and sustainability of our first unit “Outlook’ we painted some redundant flower pots and assembled them together to create installations of planters. This activity gave us an opportunity to develop our social skills as we worked collaboratively and also explored a new medium for art; acrylic paints . We also added to our vocabulary by learning a new word ‘contour’.  
Physical and Health Education (PHE) In our unit ‘Fitness through sports’ we discussed the rules and regulations of basketball and football after watching a power point presentation. We also played a variety of sports like, basketball, football and badminton for physical fitness.  
By: Bhuvansh Swamy MYP1A
Drama In drama we are working on our task of designing miniature set designs using waste material. We have planned our model and are working on it. We are working on our communication and collaboration skills. We have prepared our basic structures for our designs in our groups. 
By: Tushita MYP 1 D    
  Dance In these two weeks we participated in an activity through which we recapitulated the choreographic tools learned in the previous grade. We also made group choreographic works with the tools identified and recollected. Towards the end of this week we also prepared choreographic works after a brainstorming session which helped us to review the methods of storytelling.
By: Amaani Sharma MYP1D  


Subject Blog Content
Math We were introduced to MYP concepts such as global context, key Concepts and related Concepts. We also explored math command terms. We did skill based activities in geometry, order of operations and word problems to prepare for the bench marking assessment. We started our new unit on number systems exploring complex word problems on the four operations of mathematics. We attempted our first formative assessment on the unit and it was challenging and fun too.
Girik Gupta MYP1A  
Language and Literature As outlined in the curriculum we began this week with introduction to rhetorical triangle and to reinforce the same we identified  speaker, purpose and audience of an article in a newspaper. In an extensive discussion we compared diary entry and diary logs. To enrich our vocabulary we chose a few phrases from the comprehension passage and practised their usage by making sentences. We were also familiarized with the assessment criterion A for our forthcoming formative assessment.
By :Saanvi Suri MYP 1B  
Individuals & Societies We started our week with multiple discussions on the unit ‘Knowing our Ancient past’ and its global context, key concept, and related concepts. We analyzed our work to discover the ATL skills used. We then had activities to enhance our knowledge of ‘Primary’ and ‘Secondary’ sources with the help of videos and newspaper articles. We delved deeper by creating a timeline of our personal history. We also read and annotated the second chapter of the textbook ‘A New Life’ to broaden our understanding of the Paleolithic Age.
By: Aditri Nakul MYP1A  
Science Biology/Chemstry:  In the past week we identified various equipment used in laboratory for scientific measurements. We also learnt the use of each equipment. We learnt to find the least count of measuring cylinder, ruler and laboratory thermometer. We did an activity to find out the temperature of hot and cold water using laboratory thermometer.
By: Samvit MYP 1D      
Physics: A few weeks ago, we started with our unit ‘ life on scales’. We did an activity wherein we used our body parts (hand span, foot) to measure objects inside the class like the whiteboard, cupboards, bulletin boards etc. We found that the measurement taken by us was different from our friends. In the next class, we did a follow-up activity and also wrote a reflection on the activity .
By:Niharika MYP 1 D  
Design and Technology This week in product design we saw a video called- Martha Speaks -Martha’s doghouse in which kids about our age go about solving a real-life problem by designing a doghouse. It gave us an insight into the different steps involved in designing a product but in a fun way. We reflected on the challenges and the mistakes that the young designers made in the process. Our discussion made us realize that while designing it is important to follow the design cycle. We are now beginning to understand the first step -inquiring and analyzing. By:Aditri Zutshi  MYP1A
ICT We brainstormed individually on the game that we would design and identify the client for the same. We identified different elements in a game using the software.  We will now work on Scratch to acquire the skills required for our product.   
Spanish  We started our  unit by doing a group activity to create a “Statement of inquiry” for our new unit based on our own understanding. Every group came up with an interesting SOI in which we tried to understand each other’s perspective. Then we learnt to introduce ourselves in Spanish with the help of a conversation. Later, we watched an interesting Youtube video based on the vocabulary for the family members in Spanish. By: Eva Sadhvani MYP1A
French We started our term by revising the concepts done last year such as prepositions, ‘ER’ ending verbs and essential agreements through word searches and various group tasks. Then we continued our unit discussing global context, key concept, related concepts and our prior knowledge of family members in French. We also watched videos to enhance our knowledge of the family members and  discussed relations with a’ family tree’ in French. By Aditri Nakul MYP1A                  

Hindi– Phase 1&2: We had a story telling session in our class. We also wrote a short paragraph about ourselves. We also discussed our benchmarking assessments in class. We also had a discussion on various aspects of oneself and how this affects our way of living and personality.     
Physical & Health Education


We continued with our unit ‘ Fitness through sports’. We discussed about the components of physical fitness and the benefits of exercise. We played  short-sited football matches.
By:Yashvi Seth  

Firstly we loosened  ourselves with simple theater exercises.Then, we discussed and wrote about different types of folktales. We created our own plays based on any story of our choice. We collaborated in groups to develop our performance and performed various characters. We created our own play which is a remake of snow white. By:Nysa MYP 1 C  
Visual Art We were introduced to our first unit ‘Outlook’ in which we got the opportunity to inquire about landscapes. We discussed the global context, key concepts and the related concepts of the unit to form our statement of inquiry in different groups. We also developed our vocabulary by learning  new word called ‘aesthetics’. Later, we created a KWHLAQ chart individually to record our prior knowledge.
By: Tushita Nagpal MYP 1D  
Dance We were divided into groups and each one created a story with sketches and drawings.The stories were interchanged, we made our own interpretation  and expressed it through movements.We could draw relations as to how early man was inspired by cave paintings which lead to creation of dance movements.We understood that detailing and specification in instructions could minimize the change in movements with passing time and thus classical forms evolved
By:Rishabh Kochhar MYP 1C  

Blog #1

Subject Blog Content
Math We revised math concepts such as ‘BEDMAS’ and order of operations as preparation for our benchmarking assessment. We also started our new unit of number systems in which we are learning about ancient systems of numeration through fun worksheets such as decoding secret messages. 
By: Aditri Zutshi
Language and Literature We started our week with some immersive activities like ‘compass points’ and ‘elements of story’ to assess the prior knowledge of all my peers. We were introduced to a couple of command terms and discussed them in detail. We were also introduced to ‘types of text’ to promote our understanding of the forthcoming unit -Introduction to language and literature.   By :Aditri Nakul    
Individuals      & Societies In these two weeks we discussed Global context, Key concept. Related concept & Statement of inquiry. We also watched a video to familiarize us with our first unit ‘Knowing Our Ancient Past’. We watched some videos about primary and secondary sources. We also did an activity related to it wherein we had to make a graphic organizer and write the differences and similarities between primary and secondary sources                                     
Aditri Zutshi –  MYP-1A   
Science Biology /Chemistry: In the last two weeks, we were introduced to Global context, Key concepts and Related concepts. We did an activity in which we chose a news headline from the newspaper and explored  what global context and possible exploration might connect to that article. We were equipped with the skill of addressing questions involving command terms and framed our own questions using command terms. We were introduced to our unit ‘Life on Scales’ and also attempted our benchmarking assessment by the end of this week.
By: Aditri Zutshi (MYP 1A)

Physics: In our skill-building lessons we first learnt about the various criteria i.e. A, B, C and D. We understood what each criterion means and learnt about investigation. We learnt new terms like hypothesis, variables, apparatus etc. and also learnt how to frame a hypothesis through various scenarios. We also learnt about independent, dependent and controlled variables, the difference between materials and apparatus in an experiment and we gained knowledge on how to analyse a given data.
By: Kevin (MYP 1C)
Design and Technology The first class of product design started with an icebreaker; design challenge, wherein the students were divided into two different teams and were asked to make a challenging maze for the opponent team with empty juice cartons, old books and cardboard rolls. Both the teams developed their creativity, communication and social skills through this activity. For the next design challenge, students had to design, create and test a bridge using only one sheet of paper. This was followed by a discussion on their understanding of the word “design”. They were shown a few videos on product design and were asked to reflect on how design is a powerful tool to solve problems.  Students also had a discussion about how common products that they use extensively in their lives have evolved. They observed and appreciated the clever design features that have been added to solve user  problems.
By: Shreya ( MYP 1A)
ICT The unit was introduced to the students with an interesting activity wherein students watched a movie, ‘Soar’. Thus, identifying design elements and basic concepts related to it.They discussed command terms of design and also created their account on ‘scratch:’which will be used by them to design games.  
Language Acquisition Spanish: Students were engaged in ice breaking sessions and activities associated to the IB learner profile and ATL skills with a limited exposure to Spanish vocabulary. They were also collaboratively engaged in constructing a shared way of thinking, communicating and implementing through presenting themselves in class, miming and playing games.  
French : The week started off with various ice breaking activities in which we revised the daily greetings, playing with numbers and  pronouncing  french alphabet. We played  various games to recapitulate our vocabulary as well as had a quiz on the French culture and civilisation. Lastly, we learnt how to introduce ourselves by playing a game in which the teacher gave us various words on cards and we made as many phrases as we could by using them.    
Hindi- Phase 1&2: We shared our experiences about vacation and also discussed about Hindi language and its importance at national and global level. We also participated two language games- ‘identify the adjective’ and ‘turn and pass’ which was based on observation and listening skills. We also participated in essential agreement activity and shared our views in written and oral form in class. Storytelling was also introduced in class as well. Towards the end of the week we also appeared for our benchmarking assessment based on criteria B, C and D. 
By: Laisha Anand (MYP 1C)  
Physical and Health Education (PHE)
In our new unit ‘Fitness through sports’ we discussed about the physical fitness and how fitness help in sports and day to day life. We played a basketball match for physical fitness. By: Aditri Nakul (MYP 1A)

We brainstormed on folktales and stories. We explored our favourite short stories to create narratives. We worked on devising performances based on stories.   
Visual Art We discussed differences and similarities between the  art curriculum of PYP and MYP. We also learnt about different criteria of art and how we can achieve them. Later, to mark the year of sustainability, we took newspapers and created free expressions on them with the medium of our choice and shared our reflections with each other. 
By: Swarnika Sharma

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